Tuesday, June 23, 2015

So precious I could throw up

I have been having a great time with the crocheting.  Thankfully Michaels and JoAnn's have coupons all the time, and thanks to RetailMeNot, I always have coupons handy if what I want is NOT on sale.  JoAnn's had a 60% off coupon last week.  You KNOW I went back every day!!!! 

So I am stocked up yarn for my next two projects, and I have finished THREE since I last posted.

I finished the ones for my older kids, but I'm not posting those until they arrive in their hands.  Because I want it to be a surprise, but my daughters blanket is white and shades of tan.  It's very soft and I think she will like it.  It's not the colors I originally picked out- but I really think she will like it.  The one for my oldest son is in bright camouflage colors.  Sure a little typical, but it needed to be a manly blanket.  It's thick and warm. 

I asked the oldest, before I made it if he wanted one.  I didn't want him to get his ass kicked for having a blankie from mommy, you know?  But that kid, he's so awesome.  He said, "I don't care what anyone says mom.  I think it's great.  I'd love it!" 

Yes folks, that's my son.

And lastly, I just completed something a little more challenging.  Something delicate and regular size yard, single stranded.  It was challenging, but I am really proud of it. 



Blanket, hat and booties
Seriously, is that not the most precious thing???  The blanket was the most challenging but only took me about 12 hours.  The hat and booties took about 30 minutes each.  And that flower?!?!?  OMG I was to die from the sweetness of that flower.  This set is being sent off to a friend of ours in Australia who just had a baby girl.  International, y'all!!!!
Now I'm working on Jerkface's blanket.  He wanted red and black. 
I'm trying to challenge myself with each project and doing a new pattern each time.  What I'm learning is that it's only challenging until you get the stitches memorized.  Then it's pretty easy.  I think tension will always be a challenge for anyone- but I had a brainstorm idea.  They really should sell starter chains.  If I knew that I could get a starting chain that I could take down to whatever size I needed, in the color I wanted,  in a reasonable price- I would buy that.  The starting chain is the foundation that often has to be restarted two or three times before you get it as close to right as it's gonna be. 
I'll post a picture of the red and black blanket when I get far enough along that you can appreciate the pattern.  But for now, I keep going. 

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