Sunday, September 28, 2014

My sexy oven

I finally cleaned my oven.  I have managed to NOT use the oven all week because I was putting it off.  I've never cleaned an oven before.  However, I never really the oven as much as I have since I've lived in this house.  At my old apartment I used the oven to store some of my pots and pans.

I promised the kids cake today so I knew I had to clean the oven.  My friend Arin told me to get some EZ Off so I bought that.  5 days ago I sprayed it in the oven and then forgot all about it- so last night I went in, resprayed and set my alarm for 20 minutes as instructed.  I decided to just do it cold, since the last time I turned on the oven there was so much smoke that two smoke alarms went off.

Return 20 minutes later and kneel in front of the oven.  Umm, how the hell am I supposed to reach inside the oven with the door in front of me?  Yes, I actually thought that for a moment before it dawned on me that I should go on from the side.  One thing I hate about cleaning is how I end up totally dirty in the process. 

So I reached in with my damp towel, feeling the grit underneath- ick.  Wipe. 


It wiped up- breaking apart the grit, cut thru that bitch like it was dry sugar on a plate.  Of course the towel was black but holy crap.  I folded the towel to use the other side, and wiped down the middle.  It was like fucking warm butter, if you were to do that sort of thing.  I was so excited I actually said, "ohhh gaaawddd." 

I rinsed the towel, excited to finish. I wiped it clean, wiped the sides, the rack, the broiler.  My oven is as clean as the day we moved in.  I was ecstatic.  Almost giddy.  It's like finding the g-spot of house cleaning.  You just want to do it again.  I can't wait to do it again.

I even showed it to SR and he replied, "Damn baby, that's good."  Seriously, it was THAT good.

I think, somehow, the cake tasted even better too. 

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  1. That was inspiring! I think I'll add it to the Household task list for my boys.