Saturday, September 27, 2014

This totally works. No more tears!!!

I don't eat many onions but SR likes them on just about everything.  I bought one of those chopper deals just so I wouldn't have that eyes burning crying to go thru every time.  Also, cause I'm kind of stupid, I then wipe my tears away with oniony hands. 


I saw this video and said, "ok I gotta try this"

So a week ago I gave it a shot and it worked, but because I was skeptical I tried it again.  Core out the end, although mine did not look EXACTLY like that but definitely cone shaped.  You can see some of the core still in there, I just gutted it out and right into the trash.

I then sliced my onion, kind of slow, just to be sure.  The did tingle just a bit- but no watering, no burning.  Nothing.


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