Wednesday, September 24, 2014

There are starving kids in Africa, jerkface.

Once the dog is walked, I can take off my bra.  That's better. 

So I know I said I was going to make meatloaf.  I stopped by the store to get bread crumbs, and I forgot to get the onion.  Ugh. 

OK- so I made Hamburger Helper for dinner.  SR likes it, and the boys like it too.  Well, or so I thought they did. 

The 12 y/o, Jerkface has to be in the house at 6:30 and dinner was ready at 6:10.  I sent him a text and told him he could come in at 6:30 and heat up his dinner.  I was being nice.  He said ok.  There was enough in the pan for him.  There was NOT however enough in the pan for me.  The problem with hamburger helper is that I usually don't serve anything else with it- so everyone gets a decent size helping.  Except that means it really only feeds 3.  Three males with grown male appetites.  So I opted out for dinner with plans to have a sandwich later.  Now, before anyone gets all weird about how I need to take care of myself etc.  Trust me when I tell you that I could, and would gladly eat PB&J 4 nights a week and not complain about it.  The same with cereal.  I love both.  SR gets upset when I do this, so when I do, it's like a treat for me.

So I'm just in from walking the dog and I stop to clean up a little of the left over "my plan was to make meatloaf" stuff.  I put away the pan I was going to use and the spices etc.  I'm bad about cleaning as I cook.  This is when I remembered that I sprayed EZ OFF in my oven and then forgot about it.  OK well, I'll get to that tomorrow.

I notice the pan on the stove and it still has Jerkface's serving of dinner.  Untouched.  I called him and said "Hey, you didn't eat dinner."  He said, in that "I'm trying to look thoughtful- but am totally not" face, "Well, we have that all the time and I don't want to eat that."


So I SKIPPED a hot meal, so your sorry ass can turn your nose up at it because we have it as often as we have tacos, chicken, steak and pasta.  Approximately WEEKLY.  really?? 

So I calmly said, "Well I hope you aren't hungry."

He said, "Well can I have something else?"

"No," I said, "You can have what I made for dinner or you can wait till breakfast."  At this point I am putting it in a bowl so I can have it for lunch tomorrow.  He is sticking his head in the pantry.

"I can make nachos."

I thought to myself, oooh maybe I'll have nachos for dinner.

"No, you can have what I made you or you can wait until breakfast," and then, I swear I said this, "You know, some kids don't get to eat dinner at all tonight.  Some kids would be grateful that their mom made them a hot meal even though it isn't their favorite." 

I didn't look up at him, because I was kind of ashamed that I went there.  It's such a mom cliché.  There's starving kids in Africa, you know!!

He sighed and said, "Okayyy. I'll heat it up."

I wanted to smack it out of his hand and say, "No that's my lunch for tomorrow."  But I didn't.  He heated it up and ate it.  Tonight he will go to bed with a full belly and clean clothes under my roof and I will have done my job.

Look, I know that Hamburger Helper is just well, Hamburger Helper.  However, we were broke once.  We used to have spaghetti with no meat.  $1 pasta and $2 sauce and too broke for $3 ground beef or $4 parmesan.  I don't make Hamburger Helper necessarily because it's cheap, but because it's fast and easy and filling.  Up until today he claimed to like it.  We've had pizza and spaghetti and steak this week. 

We had pizza yesterday because SR asked for it. 

Tomorrow will be burgers and Friday is chicken.  That's the plan.  Again, it's a loose plan, but it's a plan none the less.

I have a decent rotation of about 10 meals.  Some of them happen weekly, some by monthly.  Who makes something different every single night of the month?  Not me.  That's way too much shopping and considering that the tastes in this house revolve around staple foods and spices, I can't get too extravagant anyway. 

I will make that meat loaf, but I'm thinking maybe that's more of a weekend thing.   

What I think I look like.

What I probably look like.

Added note that doesn't fit in this post, but I wrote it:

Laundry well, that's a different story.  That's not really a plan.  It's more like a theory.  In theory I was to come home and take the laundry in the dryer and put it away and wash two more loads.  In reality, that didn't happen.  In reality I will walk my shirtless self to the garage and pull a clean shirt out of the dryer because the reality is, I'm not doing it tonight.

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